1.  If you are over 18 years of age please fill out both the Club Membership Application Form  with $11.00 and Intra Club Application Form with $9.00 and Mountainless Bike Club – ticked.
  2.  If you are under 18YO – fill out a Junior Membership Application Form with $3.00 and will need to be signed by an adult.
  3. – then presented, mailed or faxed to Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club reception or to an official at a CMMBC event.
    – Don’t forget the licence validation section if not attending the club in person which can be done on a separate sheet.

The Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club Membership, for adult or Junior, is Annual from September each year and retains the same membership number if paid by end of October each year.

All Memberships expire if not paid at the end of October after which the full application is required again.

It is not essential for competitors to be a Mountainless Bike Club Member to enter our events but, please remember only Bona-Fide Club Members retain Points for aggregate events incl. the 3Hr Enduro event and also do not get the great Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club Membership benefits and our end of year awards and trophies.

We are affiliated with and highly recommend –
MTBA – Mountain Bike Australia
for Rider Insurance and Club Support

MTBA License Application

To ride in events it is not essential to be a full member of Mountain Bike Australia, but if not, all competitive participants will have to buy an MTBA day license at $30 for seniors & $18 for juniors per event. Social MTBA day license is $5.

All current MTBA License holders will only pay a $5 entry fee.

To encourage participation all U/13 Fees are now covered by our own club funds but we recommend membership of MTBA for 24Hr a day coverage. A participation form will need to be filled out at each event.

For other enquiries email  – president@mountainlessbikeclub.net.au